Albuquerque District

Halecia Wimpy

I have served in Youth Ministry as a volunteer or paid staff member in both Illinois and New Mexico since the year 2000. Born in a small town in Illinois, I have been involved in church activities since I was very young and do not remember a time when God was not a part of my life growing up. I moved to New Mexico in 2004 and can pinpoint the re-dedication of my life to Jesus as an adult at a CCYM weekend in November of 2005. What a blessing it is for me to now serve alongside the young people of the Albuquerque District in our New Mexico Conference! I am a wife to Steve and step-mom to three young men (Nathaniel, 21; Anthony and Michael, 15). I also help my sister raise three younger children (Kayla, 9; Quentin, 8, and Paxton, 5).



I’m SarahRose Salazar! I am a freshman in High school and in color guard. Psalms 124:8 is my favorite bible verse. “I like my sugar with coffee and cream” ~Beastie Boys



Hi I’m Jared Trueba! I attend Cibola HS and I’m in just about every activity there is at my school. My favorite bible verse is Matthew 25:35.




 Displaying IMG_20180826_194212082_BURST000_COVER.jpgHello my name is chloe and I attend ecademy virtual high school. I am a girl scout, play the ukulele and violin, and I am open to new experiences. Jeremiah 29:11 is my favorite bible verse. 

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