El Paso District


Jenny Coe-Stacy

I grew up in a small town in Nebraska with my Mom. My whole family was Catholic and I loved participating in church–especially singing. When I graduated high school I was ready to move on to bigger and better things, so I moved to Arizona and traveled to France a couple of times.  I moved to New Mexico when my sister was born in 2014. I studied Family and Child Science and got my Master’s degree in Communication Disorders.  Today, I work as a Speech Language Pathologist at an elementary school. I married my amazing husband David in 2014 and we have five beautiful children Isis (17), Israel (16), Moses (15), Juliette (8) and Daphne (1). We became involved in youth ministry at our church, Morning Star UMC, and started taking our kids (ours and the youth group) up to the Sacramento camp. We loved it so much and were honored when we were asked to help with the CCYM team as adult sponsors. I love dancing, singing, playing games, camping, Zumba, yoga, reading, and working with kids of all ages.


David Coe-Stacy

I have been the youth pastor at Morning Star UMC in Las Cruces, NM, since 2014 and been a part of the CCYM team for the past two years. I am originally from Manchester, NH, and have lived in Las Cruces for 25 years. I believe that in order to do meaningful ministry, you need to be doing life along side the people you are working with through the good times and the rough times. It is about community. I am blessed to be the parent of 5 kids and have Jenny as my partner in ministry. Without my family’s support, I would not be where I am today in my walk with God.


Bonnie Abbott

Hi, my name is Bonnie Abbott and I am from Western Hills UMC in El Paso, Texas. I am a junior in high school and a new member for the CCYM team. I enjoy drawing and writing when I have the time. I don’t have a favorite book or movie, but the Harry Potter series is pretty great (proud to be a Hufflepuff). I also really love animals, especially dogs of which I have two. I don’t play any sports so please don’t hand me a ball of any sort. The only exercise I get is moving my thumbs when holding a controller. I love Sacramento camp and I grew up going there every few summers, so needless to say I love to go up there for camps. That’s pretty much me summed up in a paragraph.



Hi! I’m Odyssey P. Mann. I’m currently a Jjunior attending El Paso High School (Go Tigers!). I go to Dell Valle UMC in Mesquite, New Mexico. I am involved in the church and involved in extracurriculars such as Choir and Orchestra. My hobbies include crafts, watching movies, and family. I like superheroes (preferably Spiderman), musicals/music, and the Maze Runner Series. My favorite scripture is “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future” (Jeremiah 29:11). I plan to graduate high school in the year 2020 and hope to major in music.



Deming, NM. I’m a sophomore at Deming High School. I play volleyball and basketball, and am also in FFA. I like listening to music, reading, and will admit I have an addiction to Netflix. I’m a dog and a cat person; I have two dogs and four cats, two of which are kittens right now. I am involved in my church, my youth group, and love going to Sacramento for camp.




Hi my name is Maya Lavin, I’m currently a junior at Coronado High School. I go to Del Valle UMC in Mesquite, New Mexico but I’m from El Paso, Texas. I have a small obsession with goldfish and sour patch kids. I spend most of my time doing community service and I hope to become a social worker in the future. I love to travel and meet new people, but I can be very shy until I get to know you. I’m in both orchestra and in theater so I tend to stick with the fine arts group of people. I love baking but of course I’m still learning so I’m not really a pro yet. As cliché as it sounds I like spending time with my friends and family. This is my first year on the CCYM team and I am looking forward to meeting everyone.

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